Bursting Through Challenges. A Reading for Humanity.

What a powerhouse of a draw, with four Majors, all containing a number X. The only other digit appearing is I. So we have X and I, endings and beginnings, as we near the completion of this year. This reading gives directions on how to become one with the flow of universal timing and manifestation. Wheel of Fortune, as the Outcome card, waves at us with the possibility of a change in direction in anything that isn’t working out for us, with the potential to burst through blockages and the undoing of the obstacles that have been standing in our way. How should that be done?

The Hermit is the key, and what we uncover through its medicine will be our armor and our strength. The Hermit, in the Energy position, invokes rekindling the inner light of awakening to our power. Before we change things out there, we must plunge within. But what must be found inside? The Hermit points to Strength in the Blessings position. As we go within, through practice and introspection, we find our inner source of fire, we reconnect with the ever burning flame of strength and personal might. Riding the Divine power that resides in the soul, we become a juggernaut that flings open the doors that have been closed for way too long.

As the Challenge, or what not to focus on, Judgement begs that we do not let the necessary yet difficult lessons of this time stop us. They are here to awaken us to our potential, and to the dead parts that must be left behind—not to make us stumble on our paths. With Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn, we are being funneled through cosmic taskmasters that will only spur our evolution. In other words, see the present challenges as teachers and not as enemies.

Finally, as discussed, the destination as the Wheel of Fortune is the hope of new directions, powerful miracles, healing and transformation that will reset the course of our lives and bring us to the steps of our soul’s destiny. By going within with The Hermit, we assent to this river of universal power. 💥