Five of Pentacles, Taurus Full Moon Affirmations

Taurus is the primal force of Spirit erupting from the bowels of reality, and moving the earth, raising mountains, and emerging in beauty and life.

Today, the Moon is its full resplendent glory in Taurus, the cosmic bull. The card that showed up for me to meditate on is the Five of Pentacles. Since Pentacles is the suit of Earth, it is on point with the energies at play, with Taurus as an earth sign. Number Fives in tarot can speak of conflict. In the Pentacles suit, this arises as conflict in the material realm: disconnection from the physical structures of our lives, financial difficulties, or even disease in or disconnect with the body. However that appears in my life, under this moon I am working to release it.

In this Full Moon, I seek release, deep release in the way in which I move through the world.

Where there has been sickness, may it be released onto well being and health.

Where there has been scarcity, may it be released onto abundance.

Where there has been self-rejection, may it be released onto appreciation of personal beauty.

Where I once didn’t listen to my body, may I live in harmony with it.

Where I have been wasteful, may I be released onto aligned stewardship.

Where I am broke, may I be released onto wholeness.

Where there has been decay, may it be released onto rebirth.

May I and all beings be whole, healthy, abundant, cognizant of our beauty, wise and complete.

Taurus Full Moon Blessings!