The Sun, The Star. A Comparative Reading

The two cards showed up for me last night and I am hanging out with their energies today. The Sun is illumination, the brightest light shone upon our lives, our surroundings, and our psyche. Our path becomes more clearly visible; and crevices that so far have been devoid of light can now be seen. Sun energy can be intense, so intense that it blinds. No wonder that the ancients believed they could not bear to see the face of God directly. Full awareness does not come without its psychological impacts. What the mind tucked away for our protection, The Sun can bring out in full force. For that reason, The Star appears alongside it. You see, the sun is also a star—it’s just our local one. The Star is the full awareness of The Sun, but a bit further away.

At this distance, The Star sends out waves of healing of mind and spirit. It is a pulsar of faith and hope in the promise of awakening that is fully embodied in The Sun. Whereas The Sun indicates full realization of something we are creating, The Star symbolizes the hope for its manifestation. Whereas the Sun represents spiritual enlightenment; The Star, through its restorative and healing powers, paves the way. The Star is our sacred vision as we keep our sights aimed high. The Sun is the kiss of the Divine as that vision comes to full fruition. We enter the period of The Sun not just as individuals, but as a collective. This card shows humanity’s glorious entering of the new age. You, individually, contribute to that wave as you take responsibility for your own evolution and healing. And The Star is your guide and companion as you restore your own heart-mind, with consequences for the world at large. Heal yourself, and heal the earth. Make the awakening that you could only hope for, a reality here and now.