Nine of Wands: Riding the Wave of Universal Intention

The Nine of Wands is our medicine today. This card’s astrological association is Moon in Sagittarius. Through this energy, our body of emotions and inner realities become supercharged with the Archer’s high vision and progressive thought. This, in turn, gives us might and energy to break through the challenges that are inherent in the final stages of a cycle in our lives. The Nine of Wands is often associated with obstacles, or strife, or paranoia. But its medicine is the divine impulse that empowers us in the knowing that we are never alone, and that everything is conspiring for our growth and evolution. Through any Tower moments, through any thought of giving up, through the battles that greet us each day—the Nine of Wands wakes up the tiger within. Amidst a world of shadows, we are awakened to the indestructability of the evolutionary impulse that has brought us thus far.

You were born without your seeming input. From eons before you were born, events conspired that brought your body to life. Your earthly self did not ask for this, but the right circumstances for life had to arise; the right creatures had to breed; the right people had to meet for generations upon generations thus resulting in your birth. In your life so far, the right conditions, the right trials, and the right blessings had to come together for you to find yourself where you are, right now. There is a current of divine intention that has created you and carried you this far. And it will continue carrying you. You did not have to worry about being born; do not despair over the fulfillment of your journey. With the Nine of Wands, we reconnect with our personal power; but, most importantly, we enter the stream of divine intelligence that is like a juggernaut, knowing no barriers. Nothing is impossible to Spirit. You have been seen and known for ages before your days. This is not a time for giving up, or for succumbing to worries about what will be. No—this is the time to rise and meet your fears face to face. Be brave in your highest vision. Aim your arrow up high, from deep within. Yours is the challenge, yours is the victory.