Moving with our Truth. Relationships. A Reading for Humanity

Today, we are being called onto communication that leads to healing. The Six of Cups often speaks of themes of emotional, psychological and trauma healing. However, being of the Cups suit, it bears elements of relationship and living together. Given that the imagery shows two souls being connected by an act of giving, here the 6 of Cups speaks of healing and mending of our relationships, and of restoring the broken bridges between us and our loved ones. There is a well-known statue art from the Burning Man festival that shows two giant adults made of metal mesh, sitting with their backs to each other in a posture of disagreement and closed communications. Inside each of them there is an infant. The two infants within, rather than facing away, are facing towards each other, with their little hands attempting to touch, wishing playful reconciliation. It is a striking metaphor for our peace-making inner children that want to forgive and connect despite our hardened ego’s attempt at distance. This is what I’m seeing with the 6 of Cups today.

And the bridge to undo the separation is shown by the Knight of Swords. The Suit of Swords deals with thought, and the verb, and word. The Knights are cards of movement. This Knight, therefore, asks that we move with our words, that we act based on the truth that we wish to share. It may not be easy being honest. It may not be easy speaking your truth when you know there is a good chance you may be shut down and proven wrong—at least from their perspective. It’s hard to speak when the other side insists on always being right. But if you don’t speak, the word will fester, and become putrid, and become toxic within you. It will turn into cycles of imaginary argument. It will turn into resentment. It will add to a pile of discontent, and damage your process of healing. This reading invites you to speak, and share your truth, even at the risk of push back. Move with your word even when there will be resistance. Your aim is to chip away at the hard surfaces, and to reveal the innocence within. May your truth be not a burden for you to carry, but a gift to be shared.