King of Pentacles: Body, Mind and Spirit

Today, the King of Pentacles invites us into integration of body, mind and spirit; and to use the body as a gateway to the divine. This Tauran King is deeply connected to the earth, not just as a source of pleasure, but as inspiration for a well-lived life of stability, establishment and security. In harmony with the cycles of the land and with the seasons of time, this King knows when it’s time to sow, with long-term vision for growth. King of Pentacles know when it’s time to conserve, and to save for later, and how to manage the energies of our societal system and financial realities. This King knows when it’s time to play, and to dwell in the luscious beauty of the garden we call home. Pleasure, beauty, security, and connection. The King of Pentacles embodies it all, and wisely holds the multiple aspects of reality in an inclusive embrace.