The Centaur: Integral Awakening

Our evolution onto higher states of being does not come from denying or cutting off our lower, supporting structures as we exist in the manifest realm. Our awakening comes in an integrative way. We integrate, embody, and fully express our earthly, primordial levels while reaching for and evolving towards high vision, cosmic worldviews, and ever-awakening modes of existence. With our being, we join heaven and earth. We honor our body and its deep connections to the earth while dwelling in the eternal, and in that which goes beyond what the eyes of flesh can see. The entity that fully realizes their material and post-material, mental-spiritual domains is the Centaur. This mythological creature is a mirror to our awakened selves: aiming for the skies while fully blessing the ground. As we grow through Sagittarius season, that is our evolutionary meditation of today: full integration of the material reality that supports us; while awakening to highest, most inclusive, most far-reaching vision for humanity and its cosmic place.