Releasing Burdens. A Reading for Humanity!

We are being called to bring all of our burdens to the altar of illumination. The 10 of Wands, a card associated with Sagittarius in which season we are in, today speaks of everything that the world—and ourselves—have placed upon our backs. This is a time to gather all the dreams, all the projects—finished or unfinished, all the worries, all the could-have-beens, and bring them into the full light of our awareness. Under the full illumination of The Sun, we see all those things for what they are. We see them in truth and in honesty. We can be grateful for all of our efforts and attempts, surrendering whatever feels unfinished to another time. We can acknowledge our growth, and our evolution, in whatever stage they have reached, and release any sense of inadequacy. You have done your best this year; you have grown and you have achieved. Whatever didn’t work out, or whatever efforts you think could have been made, are gathered and brought onto a new circle with forgiveness and hope. This year is dawning, and new one will awake. Bring all of your burdens to the light that will again rise.