Unthawing our Frozen Chains. A Reading for Humanity

Today has many of us longing for a future that may never be, wishing for a present that could have been different. With the emotional weight of 2019 on our backs, we find ourselves reviewing our lives, and maybe wondering where some things went wrong. We may have had enough of a situation, or a set of circumstances. We wonder if soon enough we should simply pack up our things and go brave new mountains. The alternative to the current situation may seem daunting, and scary, and full of the unknown. However, anything may be better than this stagnation; than these situations frozen in time; than these things that have stayed in place, unresolved, for what seems like months or years. The newness seems better than the old, even if threateningly mysterious.

This is the time to look at our baggage, and what we are carrying, and to decide what to drop and what to bring onto the new cycles. This is the time to look at the frozen burdens we’ve been carrying for so long, and to consider whether they are part of a greater karmic pattern in our lives. And even if we can’t drop everything and truly start anew; even if we are so entangled and attached in our lives that we have no apparent choice but to continue on in this place, with these people, doing these same things… we can at least restart within. We can at least renew our spirit; and cleanse our soul; and rest and get back to our traveled path with new eyes, with reenergized resolution, with hopeful resolve.

This is the time of spiritual review. What must be walked away from—may it be left behind. What cannot—may it be encapsulated with renewal and brought along with trust. May this be a time of undoing of what burdens. May your frozen chains be thawed in their due time.