Searching Within for our Portals. A Reading for Humanity

As the cold takes hold in the North, and as the heat takes up presence in the global South, today we search within for the seeds of creation that are seeking to emerge through us. Justice is searching within. Justice is honesty, and truth, and discernment. Justice is the naked eye that spares no truth from itself. Today we are invited to turn that gaze within, in the quietude of winter, in the stillness of a summer morning. Before we are taken up by the world’s frenzy as the year end approaches, we are called to look for the kernels of newness that are ready to be brought onto the early stages of manifestation. We see that with the Ace of Pentacles. Ace of Pentacles is a portal, an opening from the spiritual realms onto the material world. By gazing within with Justice, we connect with the portals in us, and can choose to fling open their doors. There are words to be written, love to be spoken, art to be drawn, food to be cooked, craft to be made, new commitments for growth to be embodied. What are your portals? What are your fruits, and your truths? Say “yes” to them today.