Week Ahead: Cleansing for Renewal. A Reading for Humanity.

The Ace of Cups returns another day in a row. This is a time of opening for renewal, humanity. Let us empty our hearts and let it be filled once again. The 6 of Cups and 8 of Cups show a progression, a journey of the soul: releasing and transforming the vessels, undergoing healing, leaving some things behind and surrendering to the movement of spirit. That emotional journey is like a gentle river that leads to the Ace of Cups, releasing there its waters like a creek to a lake. As this decade closes, 6 of Cups kicks up memories and nostalgia. 8 of Cups is the pain in the heart for those memories, and a paradoxical desire to stay while thirsting to hit the road. Lots of water energy to help us cleanse ourselves this coming week. We are preparing to make room for the new, while honoring and integrating the old. Nothing is thrown out. Nothing is truly left behind. The new future is one of deep wisdom. It begins now.