Lighting Bolts of Awakening and Integration. A Reading for Humanity

Page of Swords + Queen of Swords. Humanity, we are being asked to crack our minds wide open, allowing the awakenings of Spirit to lead us onto renewal of our minds, spirit and bodies. The Page of Swords in the Serpentfire tarot shows a lightning bolt striking the Page. I love this depiction! Page of Swords is Beginner’s Mind, it is new mindsets, new ways of looking at the world. It stands for new hopes, a breath of fresh air that comes through like a quickening of the soul. The Queen of Swords, on the other hand, is wisdom and integration. We integrate the sorrows of the past cycles, digesting their lessons, releasing their grasp, and becoming more of who we are. Queen of Swords is being empowered through our sufferings and our awakenings.

This is a great day to integrate, release and invite the new. All of your pain, all of your suffering, all of your unfulfilled desires. Acknowledge them. Honor them. Weep for them. All of your goals and projects that now seem like a far-fetched dream… bear witness to them. Feel the hurt. Let it be seen. Then, open up your heart for the healing that’s possible, right here, right now. Let it come through like a thunder bolt. Let it wash off the pain, and prepare the soil for new seeds. Today we honor the past, and open up to the now. It may be raining now, but the clouds will part soon.