Vision now, rebuilding later. A Reading for Humanity!

Dear humanity, today we start developing with more detail our high vision of our lives and for this year. The Two of Wands card speaks of vision, and looking ahead, and creating sacred plans, while knowing that the world is in our hands as we align to the fire that burns within. So much is possible when we set the stage for miracles to happen in our lives. With our recent readings on The Emperor card for this year, we have talked about setting new foundations and recreating the structure of our lives. Today and in the following days, we can start to get to the details of how that will take shape. What needs to go? What needs to be built? What action steps can we start to take, and what inner preparation work is necessary for their success?

The Eight of Coins shows up Reversed for us today. It says that, pretty soon, we will be elbows-deep in the trenches of the work we are doing in recreating the foundations of our lives. This card, in the Fountain Tarot, shows a person carefully building a structure. Here, since it is reversed, it is alluding to not only the flimsy foundations and unstable grounds; but to the incredible work of restructuring we are doing. The fact that it is reversed also suggests that the thick of this work is in the future, not right at this moment. So, let’s not get ahead of ourselves: create plans and visions with Two of Wands right now, and then engage with the deeper, actual work a little later down the line. Happy planning!