Blog: Vision for Mantis Tarot in 2020, Updates and Personal Thoughts

Confession: I haven’t even done my personal Year Ahead reading 😩. Shit since the end of the year has been so intense, Capricorn really forced me to do some hardcore adulting stuff. Like, no joke oft-scary self-parenting and having to get help. But the worse has seemed to have passed so I’m ready now! Those readings can be so accurate that the weaker parts of me don’t want it. But, in the long run—and looking back at my 2019 reading—it’s much better for the soul growth to know, to prepare, and to know that all the ups and downs are part of a greater arch.

My 2019 predicted a cycle of completion that I see now included writing and finishing the editing of my first book. In just a month I will start the promo here on my page, I can’t wait to share EVERYTHING about my tarot book with y’all!

For 2020, what is there? I feel the call to continue my personal trend to create more durable content. Social media is amazing and I’m thankful for this space, but I feel invited to create more solid materials. Share tarot teachings and explorations. My long love story with evolutionary spirituality is now merging with tarot, what will be born? I want to make deeper dives into tarot as a tool for the evolution of humankind; astrology and tarot; numerology; elements; archetypes; and so on… in a way that is structured (hello; Emperor Year) like lessons or collective explorations. More on that soon!

And, of course, my desert oracle deck wants to be physically born this year. I really want to make that happen. But there, I am an artist. And art, Specially when touching on the soul, can take its time. I’m not a professional artist. But maybe that’s what I need to step up to act like and bring @oracle.of.the.desert into life. Again, hello Emperor.

Anyways, that’s what’s in store so far for 2020 on MantisTarot. I love you all so much. Thank you for allowing me to answer my calling, that looked so very distant, then one day I looked—and it was right there.