Crystallizing our efforts. A Reading for Humanity.

I have been pulling a lot of Ace of Pentacles the past several days, in my readings and for clients, too. That makes sense. Because we are in a portal of birthing through the material. We can spend years and years dealing with the same old tired issues, with the same karmic lessons lurking under the surface, with repeating patterns and knots that yearn to be resolved. We can spend a long time waiting for the right time to get out of our shell and undertake the courageous leaps we have carefully avoided. And then, there are times like this, when the cosmic doors of transformation fling open. The old issues demand being faced, and we acquiesce and assent to the work they’ve been calling for. Energized by our own ability to heal and to be bold, which we may have doubted before, we invite whatever else wants to be resolved to come out and play. This requires great movement on our part: in the mind, in the heart, in the spirit. Our water, our air and our fire are thus summoned. We intuit, we decide, and we fight. In the end, the fruit of our struggle is born in our earth, as our journey becomes crystallized as new, enduring structures, new surroundings, and veritably transformed ways of being. The universe is holding open the doors to those fresh pastures. It is up to us to step up and in.