Moving Through the Wounds. A Reading for Humanity!

Humanity, I am sensing a brief contractive period for many of us, affecting a couple of different layers of reality. This is an opportunity to rethink, reassess and process before we reengage with our onward paths again. Remember that the evolution of our lives is not linear, so the week ahead may ask us to circle back around to some themes before it loops back in a positive direction. In today’s reading, two fives appear: 5 of Swords and of Cups. 5s are numbers of contraction, but one that gets us closer to the spirit. The two cards allude to wounds and conflict in both the mind (Swords) and heart (Cups).

We may have been trying to forge ahead with our lives while seeing if some of our wounds and conflicts will resolve on their own along the way. Not so. Some of these injuries and conflicting mental patterns need to be heard mindfully, allowed space to speak, processed and then, in due time, released.

This healing action that we are invited to undertake is spoken of by the Knight of Cups. This Knight today asks that we engage with continued movement towards healing and emotional wholeness. The Five of Cups shows cups spilled with blood, but other cups standing up. The Knight of Cups takes up one of those cups and marches on across the waters of sadness and hopelessness. So, our invitation for the days ahead is to bear witness to our spilled emotional blood, assent to our pain, but to gather our strength and walk confidently towards our healing and transformation.

While conflict in the mind (5oS) would have us stay in place, stuck in a cycle of emotional trauma (5oC); our emotional intelligence and will to heal (Knight of Cups) will carry us through to the other side, where the breeze smells of hope, and the water tastes of wholeness and true vision. Blessings!