The Numerology of Tarot: an Exploratory Course

I am so excited to announce my first tarot course offering: the Numerology of Tarot! This is a journey through the numerology of the tarot, from basic principles of tarot numerology to a detailed exploration of each number with significance for tarot practice. We will review how the numbers are reflected in each tarot card, how they group cards together, and how understanding the numbers will provide a doorway to a deep understanding of the root meanings of each card. And more! You will come away with a layer to enrich your reading practice with, plus feeling more confident in your reading abilities.

This is a self-guided course with community discussions that is taking place right now on my Patreon. I hope you will join us! The first chapter is available now, with new chapters posted on a bimonthly basis (at a minimum) until complete. Course includes: reading materials, learning resources (quizzes / handouts) and access to community discussions.

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Understanding the numbers in tarot is not only a method to deepen and facilitate your readings, it is a gateway into the structure of tarot and into the essence of the cards. In this course, we will explore each of the numbers that appear in the tarot and the role that they play in tarot theory and practice. You will come away with not only a method to improve your interpretation skills, but with renewed inspiration on the magic of the numbers.  This evolutionary journey will study the numbers as reflections of the Divine in the process of creation, and of our soul within our life cycles. As the numbers are expressed in the tarot, both in the Major and Minor Arcana, they make specific invitations to us. They take us through beginnings, challenges, victories and endings. Arising through the cards, the numbers align us to the great evolution of Spirit in the process of awakening.
For each number, we will dive into:
Energy Mystical meanings Evolutionary role Associations: Major and Minor Arcana; Astrology Practical tarot applications Shadow aspects Tarot constellations (card groups)

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