The Magician and Difficult Times

Have you ever pulled The Magician during an emotionally difficult time and wondered… what could this card’s medicine possibly be, given the circumstances? It is one thing when it appears as you are starting off a week, or entering a new endeavor, or getting motivated about something. It is something else, however, when this card appears as you are dealing with troubling feelings and mental fog arising from an issue in life.

Last week, The Magician appeared for me during such a time. I was having a real hard time because of some issues at work, and it was affecting me greatly. I did a reading on the subject, and the magus showed up. Right away, the message that came through was “this will be a good opportunity for you.” What do you mean, this will be a good opportunity? That made no sense whatsoever, considering what I was going through. Still, I listened to the message and let it be, and went back to work with the intention to do my best and make the best out of the situation. Over the weekend, what The Magician had predicted started trickling in. A text message from work with good news resulting from my work that week. On Monday, a meeting revealed really exciting opportunities with tangible, awesome benefits for my life. Had I not had the rough times the past week, I would probably not have had the conversations that led to such upgrades. In other words, The Magician was right. There was an opportunity amidst that storm.

The Magician’s sacred number is Number 1, which is the first number, the primal thing from which everything arises. It is pure potentiality. The Magician, often associated with intention, manifestation, and resourcefulness, is also a master beginning. It is what lies at the root of great events in our lives. Before anything is, Number 1 is. In this primordial field, things exist in potential, and opportunities abound. As we channel that potential through our intention, self-mastery, and skill, we create powerful manifestations in our lives.

The Magician brings us back to the roots. Even during difficult periods, and times of turmoil, The Magician offers root-level medicine. As our hearts swim in a sea of assumptions about the world, and negativity, and preconceived ideas of how everything will turn out horribly, this card returns us to the field of potentiality. Here, nothing is for certain, and everything could be, including our best case scenarios.

Speaking of Number 1… in the next lesson of my Numerology of Tarot course, we will be exploring this first number, and the cards associated with it, Such as The Magician, Wheel of Fortune, and the Aces. You are welcome to join our exploration on Patreon.