A Reading for Wuhan and for All Humanity

Life Decisions

It’s difficult to perform a reading on a current tragedy that is bringing death and suffering to so many people right this moment, and a sense of panic to other people in the world. But I have been asked to read the cards for this most unfortunate series of events. The reading below is aimed at our view of the Coronavirus epidemic and how our awareness will play out.

Energy: Page of Swords. This Page is the one more strongly associated with “news.” The global population is being deeply affected by the news arising from the tragic epidemic that started in Wuhan, China. The knowledge of so much suffering and death shocks the world, and pierces our consciousness with the reality of our mortality, and that nowhere are we safe from the grips of illness and turmoil. Page of Swords signifies a new phase of mental awareness. As the connections linking up the entire planet become more tightened, local tragedies become increasingly globalized in reach and audience. These are news that terrify us and feel our heart for compassion for the workers on the ground, the patients and all directly affected.

What to embrace: 3 of Pentacles Reversed. It’s not like the world will heed this, but we need to take a step back from our unfettered expansion that is blind to the needs of all human beings. In the name of progress and money, we expand and we increase our connections, but we leave behind the basic needs and infrastructure, the lack of which affects more disproportionately the poor and those who need. We pour unlimited funds upon capitalistic growth and military might, yet not everyone is embraced in this cold-hearted evolution. It is time to embrace those that need us the most, for when times like this strike, they will be much more heavily hit.

What to release: 8 of Cups. It is hard to image what those of us in the West can directly do about the horrible events unfolding, besides taking protective measures and contributing to aid. It feels callous to ask for calm when panic strikes so many hearts at this moment, and when death knocks on so many doors. But the 8 of Cups speaks of cycles, and of the movement of life cycles, as the Number 8 deals with movement. The truth is, the nature of epidemics has historically been cyclical. That doesn’t mean it won’t leave destruction in its wake, but the Coronavirus epidemic follows a certain pattern, although this time around, it is so far not showing sings of slowing down. In any event, while acknowledging the deep compassion needed, and the individual actions necessary–whatever they may be in the giant face of the disease–as individuals we are asked to release the grip of terror and realize that this is not the first time that an epidemic is happening, and it will not be the last. Again, in an increasingly interconnected global reality, we can use this as an opportunity to do our part to contribute to a world that is fair, inclusive, and that loves its members no matter their standing in a capitalistic society. Knowing that this type of catastrophe will likely strike again, we must do our part as individuals and as a collective to create safety nets that will care for all. Yet, from a metaphysical point of view, we release our resistance to what is arising in the world, and understand and accept this cycle that is in our midst, knowing that this isn’t an issue for China only. This problem belongs to all humanity.

Outcome: Queen of Pentacles. I often associate the Queen of Pentacles with, among other things, physical healing. Note, however, that in the Mary El tarot (depicted), the Queen is crying diamonds. This represents the crying that echoes around those affected, and those to be affected, and the suffering and pain that penetrates so many hearts. From a divinatory stand point, I believe this is saying that the crisis will eventually be contained, and that healing will be restored, but not before further loss.

If anyone knows what us as individuals, particularly in the West, can do about the epidemic, please chime in on the comment section. In this world of “Thoughts & Prayers” divorced from action, it is difficult to speak of prayer amid such tragedy. But as a metaphysician that believes in our connection and oneness with divine Spirit, I will continue praying. Looking back, life on earth evolves through the throes of tragedy, it seems. We ask for help as we go through this one.