Ace of Cups: Opening Up to What’s Arising

Just because a new beginning is in store for us, or because something beautiful is trying to arise into the world through us, it does not mean we are ready or welcoming of it. We often deny and repress what’s seeking to emerge anew. For one reason or another, we often say no to inspiration, to new potentially rewarding relationships, to an entire new phase of our lives where we let go of old constructs, and this time face our challenges with bravery and might. We may recoil when our soul is inviting us to open up. The Ace of Cups represents that opening. Being an Ace, it is infused with the newness of Number One. The Aces rule over the beginnings and new cycles in our lives. As compared to the other Aces, the Ace of Cups is the water one, speaking to our emotional and psychological layers, and to matters of the heart. It is the felt emotional component of soul invitations onto the new, or onto acceptance of certain realities of our lives. Whereas the Ace of Wands would speak of a spark of inspiration; the Ace of Swords about ideas and new agreements; and the Ace of Pentacles about a material portal available to us; the Ace of Cups is the part of us that accepts, consents, and opens up our entire being to whatever is emerging through. Everything may be in order for something to happen, but if your heart says no, the whole thing will be shut down. The Ace of Cups is a holy nudge, a whisper from the soul that it is in your highest interest to surrender the tight grasp and to open up. See the situation with new eyes. Resolve inner conflicts by assenting to what’s arising. Everything comes from Spirit, in one shape or another. The Ace of Cups connects us to that inner fountain and harmonizes our entire being in favor of what’s here, what’s beginning, and what’s new.

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