Introducing My Book: The Truly Easy Tarot!


Hi everybody! I have something super exciting to share. Over the last several months, I have been working on an incredible project: the writing of my first book, the Truly Easy Tarot!

My book, the Truly Easy Tarot, is an uncluttered guide to the tarot. It gives you an overview of the history of the tarot, and simple guideposts on how to start reading and develop your own card meanings. This guide overviews all of the 78 tarot cards, giving you a series of key terms to guide you through their message, in both upright and reversed form! The meanings are derived from a personal process of distillation that took into account both traditional views and contemporary, evolutionary perspectives. Those terms, in turn, are applied in a series of practical examples on how they work out in real life. Finally, the book takes you through 20 spreads of increasing complexity, and on a variety of subjects, so that you can apply your understanding right away! I hope this book will serve as a modern guide to the art and practice of tarot. Scroll down to take a peak on the intro video!

HOW TO ORDER: Truly Easy Tarot is available for order directly from me HERE. For no additional cost, I will sign your copy if desired! Ordering directly from me more directly supports my work.

For sneak peak and previews, scroll down!

Praise for Truly Easy Tarot

“Truly Easy Tarot by Mantis manages to find the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary, which makes it the perfect Tarot book for the modern age. Everything that you need to begin reading with confidence is here: the history from game to divination tool, practical advice on how to prepare to read, key words, and soulful interpretations for every card, even reversals. A variety of helpful spreads, both classic and new, will give you layouts for every situation you might encounter. Mantis left no stone unturned, making Truly Easy Tarot a truly useful book that every tarot reader, from novice to expert, will want to turn to again and again. If you’ve ever struggled to understand the Tarot, this is your new go-to manual.”

~ Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady, author of The Tarot Coloring Book and Astrology For Real Life (

“Engaging, thoughtful and bursting with tarot goodness, Mantis takes you on a journey through the tarot in this modern treasure trove of a book. The tips and tarot spreads give so much for all tarot enthusiasts to enjoy. A complete delight to read and a welcome addition to my tarot bookshelf.”

~ Ethony Dawn, author of Your Tarot Court (

Truly Easy Tarot is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get started with the tarot cards. Mantis’ approach provides ‘guideposts’ to help you develop your own relationship with the tarot in the form of memorable and intuitive card interpretations, a series of helpful tarot spreads, and plenty of divination tips along the way. In a crowded field of tarot intro guides, this one ought to be a new classic!”

Weston, host of Root Lock Radio: A Tarot Podcast (

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