The Evolutionary Mystic’s Manifesto

The path of the evolutionary mystic acknowledges that all of reality is within God’s embrace. All of matter, all of life, and all sentience and awareness are true, real expressions of the Divine as it unfolds in a slow yet dramatic dance of evolution. No parcel of reality is left out. Science and logic are integrated into Spirit and intuition as we strive for higher, more encompassing, deeper, more inclusive levels of awareness and modes of being. From apparent nothingness, Spirit manifested Itself in this universe as matter; and then as life with emotions and thought; and then as sentient beings like ourselves that are not only self-aware, but have awaken to the very process of evolution underlying their emergence. By engaging in evolutionary spirituality, our way of being becomes consciously engaged with that cosmic drive. Like a baby that grows through puberty and adulthood; so Humanity, since its infancy, has gone through stages of growth. Gone are the days of the prevalence of the purely “magical” thinking of our childhood. We are outgrowing the mythic-membership modes of thought from our agrarian, patriarchal past. Even rational-logic and scientific thought has found its limits, as it does not yet account for the multi-dimensional nature of reality in all its physical, mental, psychic, spiritual, and causal realms.

Through evolutionary mystical practices, we engage in the direct experience of the Divine as expressed in the natural processes, in the cosmos, and as the human collective spiritual life. The explosive birth of the stars becomes our very birth. The root of giant trees becomes our own roots. The vastness of a mountain range becomes the space between our two ears. The journey of the Divine through matter and body and mind and soul becomes our own intimate journey. But it doesn’t end there. Through the eye of Spirit, we see what’s ahead and join forces with it. By looking at our past, we realize that this universal impulse that took us from our tribal, horticultural source through to industrial and informational ways of collective existence will keep going. In this future, nature and our connection to Gaia is brought back into humanity’s embrace. In this future, our essence as spiritual beings is no longer mocked as a thing of the religious past, but understood as an important part of human existence. In fact, Spirit will be understood as a fundamental aspect of all existence. Science, history and pluralistic thought are all enfolded within this comprehensive sight.

The vast majority of humankind is still drenched in tribalistic, exclusivist, incomplete, membership-based ways of thinking that keep us separated from one another; divorced from nature and the cosmos; limited in our perspectives of reality; and blind to the inner realms there are subtle yet true. But there is a driving edge of individuals that are breaking through to integral, visionary, more encompassing, deeper, more inclusive ways of thought and life. These pioneering souls have always graced the Earth but a new wave of them is awakening now, to face the collective problems that will require not piecemeal, but holistic solutions. They are awakening to bring about the integral, vision-logic level of consciousness.

The Centaur, who unifies flesh and spirit, is rising up. And the evolutionary mystic vows to awaken with it, and to rekindle in others their own awakened face. Through our practice, we take an inner plunge into vastness of the Cosmos, in ALL its layers, and there we find the Goddess—there we encounter God. There we see our shadows, there we engage with our growth, and surface back into the world. Here, we become vessels that translate our own integralist depth, and our own evolutionary vision, onto the consciousness of the world. The evolutionary mystic is a practitioner and a messenger of humanity’s oneness with the divine cosmic impulse. Their prophecy is written in the stars. Their journey is imprinted in our souls. If this message rings true in your heart—then you, too, are one.