The Emperor & Aries: Personal Power, Initiating Force, and Establishment

This is the second post of the Astrology of the Major Arcana series, in which we will delve into the astrological associations of the tarot. In the first post, we briefly reviewed all of the rulerships of the Majors. In this post, we will dive into the first of the zodiac signs, Aries, and its relationship with the card it rules: The Emperor. Next: The Hierophant & Taurus.

The Emperor & Aries
Personal Power, Initiating Force, and Establishment

The connection between The Emperor, card number 4 of the tarot, and Aries, is not explicit at first. Besides the ram heads adorning the card illustrations in the Smith Waite deck, and the red colors that allude to this fire sign, how are they really connected? While understanding their relation is a journey that deserves a much more comprehensive examination than this article can provide, one of the simplest and most powerful ways to understand Aries’ rulership of The Emperor is to think about it in terms of personality traits. If you consider the high-vibration qualities of the Aries sign, then you are well on your way of understanding the energy of The Emperor and its invitations for our lives.

Think about an Aries individual as express their most evolved self. They are well established in their power and are able to use that power as a throne from which to initiate big change in their lives, and to create for the benefit of All. They are comfortable with themselves, and well aware of their sacred role in this world, using of their personal power to not only elevate their own lives, but to bless those around them in the process. They use of their inner fire as a platform from which to start off creations and endeavors. When you touch that spirit of Aries, you are touching the spirit of The Emperor. When that cards shows up in a reading, it invites you to establish yourself and create a stable foundation for your life while being tapped to your own inner source of fire.

The Emperor speaks to periods in our lives when we are called to step into our power as individuals in order to face obstacles and challenges; to stabilize our creative drive; and to stay strong in our boundaries. Beyond that—it urges us to use of that energy to awaken humanity, to create more favorable conditions for those that need to be lifted up, and for a more just, inclusive world. That is all Aries energy, baby!