Opening to the Winds of Change. A Reading for Humanity.


Humanity, our friend today is the Ace of Cups. It invites a softening of the walls around our hearts, and an opening of ourselves so that we may welcome what will come. Your soul desires what’s ahead, and decided it for you. Your mind and heart, however, may still be offering resistance to it. You are called to open now, like a lotus flower to the rains from a monsoon. What is coming is an intense period of movement, as heralded by the Knight of Swords. Quick decisions will need to be made, and agility will be required to navigate this period of heightened activity.

Given that we are dealing with the Air Knight here, this will be mainly a journey of the mind, as we tap into the problem-solving, creative power of our brain. In doing so, we will align with the universal field of intention that will sweep us up and take us to our destination. Some tarot theorists consider all the Knights to be ruled by the element of Air. In that case, Knight of Swords is “Air of Air.” It is the intrepid wind that causes great change in our lives, taking us to the oft scary but liberating places that we would rather avoid. At this very moment a gentle breeze caresses my cheek; can you feel it, too? This breeze will turn into high winds that I know will sweep up my whole being. Rather than contracting to it, can we be excited for its potential of liberation? Can we open up to it with the Ace of Cups?

The Magician as the crowning card is there to encourage us by reminding us of our personal power and magic; and of the spiritual, material, mental and emotional resources that are ours to employ. The Magician, and the Ace of Cups, both connected to Number One, remind us that through all this, we are One with the divine. Our lives are God’s life. The wind that’s coming will sound like a lion’s roar but will bless like the wool of a lamb. I am opening the doors to my heart to it, so that the breeze may come in.