Wisdom through Birthing Pains. A Reading for Humanity.

These are times that require great wisdom and agility from us, of heart and mind. As the Universe conspires to bring evolutionary growth to humanity, despite the pain and the suffering, it is up to us to step up and be our most agile and true selves.

The 7’s in the Tarot are sacred numbers of wisdom. They all imply some sort of intelligence that must be used to meet the challenges at hand. Today, two 7’s grace us with their presence: the 7 of Cups and the 7 of Swords. The 7 of Cups is the emotional component of this wisdom. By embodying the medicine of this card, we are able to parse through the unrelenting waves of emotion, to distinguish between what’s real and what’s illusionary, and to make choices that are in alignment with our purpose. As the world is covered in chaos, 7 of Cups invites us to keep watch of our heart, and to keep it from being awash in the ocean of despair.

7 of Swords is agility of mind, and nimbleness of action. It is sacred Wisdom as understood and correctly applied by the brain. We take the facts about our circumstances, we throw out what’s false and incorrect, and we hold steadfast to the truth of who we are: divine, safe, eternal, radiant. We make wise decisions to our wellbeing, act with speed when necessary, and leave the rest up to Goddess. We do our part and then trust in God.

This great intelligence is called of us as individuals as Humanity goes through birthing pains. The Empress represents that growth, that birth, that hurts and reverberates through the entire planet with its shrieks of pain. Humankind is undergoing its share of expedited lessons, and directly facing the consequences of its treatment of its people, of the Earth, and of the system; in a way that is undeniably obvious. The Empress speaks not only to birth, but to opening up. As spiritual practitioners, we open up to the present realities, as difficult as they may be, and let ourselves be used during this process of birth. We are present where needed. We do our part. We pray and act. But, most importantly, we step up our individual games and stand ready to evolve.

This is a period of great growth and deep transformations in the way we live as people and as a species. Human earth will never be the same. With your hearts joined, we clear the way for this sacred reckoning.