The Fool, a Tiny Story

She is opening her heart to an adventure. Life has been begging that she surrender her tight moorings, that she let go of what has been comfortable yet constricting. How could life ask such a thing of her? That she risk it all, that she put all her eggs in one basket and go merrily into the unknown?! Better to risk it all than to lose it all, she thinks. Better to regret being brave than to never do anything at all. The little Creature, at least, will never leave her side. He has been her only companion for what seems like forever. Her soul feels radiant at this decision—the decision to say yes—the nod to the urge that comes from within and implores that she let go. “Let go of the old layers”, the voice says. All the colors of the spectrum shine out of her heart as she sheds the grey robes she has been wearing for so long. Creature lets out a tiny bark as the path widens before her, inviting her, welcoming her, hugging her in the thrilling embrace that only a journey can bring. “We’re going on another adventure, Creature!”, she sweetly whispers while wiping away a tear, as she swallows a knot in her throat. She has no idea what awaits her, but she’s rather be dead than fail to find out.