10 of Cups: Cultivating Joy & Presence

The 10 of Cups connects us to presence and to a sense of joy that lies underneath the ups and downs of life. 10 of Cups is, at its basic, emotional fulfillment. After all, all 10’s in the tarot are numbers of completion of some sort. A certain journey has reached its end, and before a new one starts, there is not much to do, save for savoring or enduring what’s here. The 10 of Cups today reminds us to look no further than our own heart as a source of fulfillment and emotional contentment. Everything that we need for feeling full and complete is right here, within the bounds of our skin, within the thin borders of our soul. Myself, I am using this moment to fill the cups that are already before me, and for that reason I am momentarily stopping myself from taking up any more cups. This practice has felt very peaceful.

Amid Aries season, a time of year of initiations and action, I am keeping myself from starting anything new. I’m going back to my old lists and finding the things left “undone”, that have been nagging at my subconscious without my knowing why, and either releasing or completing them. I am giving myself plenty of space to do the little things that give me joy. I am writing a little list of gifts to give, to thank those that helped me but that in the busyness of action, I don’t feel that I fully thanked. I am enjoying returning to my written readings here, which I had to neglect as I did other work I was called to do. My point is: there are so many little joys available here, and now. Particularly in this time when the world has gone largely quieter, there is an even greater opportunity to reconnect with our simple joy, and to declutter the chains of doing that turn the sight away from this loving presence.

The 10 of Cups is a call to cultivate presence, emotional availability to ourselves and to others, and to find emotional fulfillment in whatever arises at this moment. No worldly joy lasts forever, but the inherent plenitude of the inner Witness does.