Aces of Cups and Swords: Peace of Heart and Mind.

Abundance & Finances

The sacred combo of Ace of Cups and Ace of Swords comes back a second reading in a row, after in last night’s Pick-a-Card Reading I felt called to read them both together as guidance for all who were watching, regardless of which cards they had picked. What is their joint invitation to us? Let’s see.

The four Aces represent the simplest, raw form of the energy of the suit that they belong to. They are the beginning of a journey. They are portals to new beginnings of different kinds. As we know, the Cups suit stands for heart connections, and subconscious-emotional realities. The Swords suit, on the other hand, stands for mental processes, thoughts, and their associated suffering. The Ace of Cups, to put it simply, is the pure energy of the Heart. Within this budding Heart, so much belongs: love, romance, gratitude, intuition, emotions, feelings, spiritual connection, and so on. The Ace of Swords, in turn, is the pure energy of the Mind. We know that the Cosmos is aware. The Universe knows itself through us, sentient creatures. The Ace of Swords represents the breaking through of that awareness.

Together, the Ace of Cups and Ace of Swords are invitations of the unfettered soul, and a courageous call to open our hearts and minds to what is arising in the world, particularly during daunting times in which our reflex is to recoil. The world around and within us is changing. Through obstacles and even death, a sense of newness is emerging, shrouded yet in the great unknown. We often find ourselves resisting this collective and individual rebirth. While a new dawn is starting to shine, we contract and wish the nighttime would last longer.

The Aces of Cups and Swords gently guide us out of our warm blankets and into the unknown. With our hearts, we become emotionally open, and intuitively available to what is arising. With our minds, we assent to the present realities, enter into sacred agreements with ourselves, and become conscious participants in this emergence. With heart and mind joined, with surrender with our whole beings to the spectacle of life, and we peacefully witness both the comedy and the tragedy. The blessings of this sacred combo are peace of heart and mind.