The Astrology of the Major Arcana: the Planets

In this video, I overview the 10 cards of the Major Arcana that are ruled by planets, and give you tips on making the connection between these correspondences. A cheat sheet from the keywords shared in the video is below.

MercuryThe MagicianThe power of mind, Connection to the Divine
VenusThe EmpressPleasure, sensuality, and passion
MarsThe TowerAbrupt change and upheaval
JupiterWheel of FortuneExpansion through connection to cosmic laws
SaturnThe WorldSelf-mastery and completion
UranusThe FoolRevolution
NeptuneThe Hanged ManMystical awareness and depth
PlutoJudgmentDeep transformation
MoonThe High PriestessIntuitive awareness and inner vision
SunThe SunFull awareness and outer vision, illumination