The Tower Reversed: Living in Freedom not Fear


The reversed Tower may be an indication that we are living in disaster avoidance mode. When upright, The Tower often has us focus on the unstable structures of our lives, and in ego-based constructs, that need to give way before stronger foundations are built. Perhaps a line of work is no longer serving us well; maybe a relationship is no longer in our best interest; perhaps a limited way of thinking about reality is starting to crumble. Whatever the case may be, The Tower invites us into courage and surrender as we let whatever needs to fall, fall.

When this card shows up reversed, it may be nudging us to bring transformation to worldviews that are based on fear, and to decision-making processes that are done with the sole purpose of maintaining the status quo even if it is constricting, stale, putrid. Instead of living and making choices based on courage, faith and trust; we focus on the things that could go wrong and try to buttress the decaying structures of our being. Instead of watering new seeds, we drench long-dead gardens with the hopes of bringing them back.

Whenever fear is our great motivator, the reversed Tower guides us towards being moved by trust and spiritual vision instead. Wherever terror reigns, it calls upon the strength that comes from knowing that everything is of Spirit, nothing is separate from us, and that even our dreaded challenges are brought about and are a part of ourselves. Whatever needs to crumble, let it do so, knowing that it needed to give way. Blessings.