6 of Cups: Befriending our Depths

6 of Cups. Deep within our psyche, in the crevices of our soul, there are creepy creatures and strange terrains. There are the bony remnants of trauma, there are carcasses of our old wounds. There is so much buried there: the accumulated fears, experiences, and nightmares of a lifetime. In these dark depths, you will find patches of unresolved emotions, and visions that you thought you had long forgotten. But they are still there, lurking, causing that pervasive sense of unease that underlies the shallow peace that we try to cover up our angst with. You look out of a window, towards a sunny, pretty scene… but as soon as you feel what’s inside, you touch an abyss.

The 6 of Cups is a call to dive right into that gargantuan crevice that reaches down into our soul. Befriend the monsters swimming in the dark waters. Revisit the festering wounds. Acknowledge the difficult emotions and the dreadful concerns that, through the years and cycles, obstinately persist. Call the creatures by their name. Take your time: you have a whole lifetime to understand them. But also, hurry, for this life is very short. Go on, become one of them creatures, by owning and integrating the shadowy ones. Become one with your monsters, and swim up to the surface, transformed anew. Come rushing up, gasping for air, taking in the whole world and see that the skies are always blue. Freely breathing, you can finally taste true freedom, because you have become more completely you.