Gratefully Expanding. A Reading for Humanity!

Energy of the Moment: The Empress and The Sun. We continue growing within the walls of our own worlds, whatever limitations may be there. As we connect to our journey day after day, and as we inquire with our soul on a regular basis, The Sun shines the light of awareness upon our path. Whatever we need to grow on, that is shown to us. Whatever we need to expand on, that is revealed to us. Wherever we are called to be fully appreciative and grateful for, we are led to. The energy is one of growth, expansion, and peaceful awareness.

Focus on: 5 of Swords. Our focus is navigating the often-treacherous territory of the mind and handling whatever contractions we may find along the way. As we grow, we touch the sharp edges of the mind: we may believe that we are not enough, that we need to resort to unethical ways, that that Universe cannot bring us what we need. However, with serenity, we can navigate away from these dark corners, and continue walking towards the light of what we know to be true.

Challenge: King of Wands. We must not force our way through this. This expansion is gentle and occurs naturally. It is the result of the careful work we have put in over the years. It is like the mid-spring growth of a well-tended garden: once the roots are well formed, and the plants are established, then the growth of lush vegetation comes easy. Our practice and our experience are our roots. Now, we simply open up to Spirit and let the expansion take place. There is no struggle. There is no knocking on closed doors. Let God be God.

Outcome: Page of Pentacles Reversed. Our blessed outcome is that we will be reconnected to the inner child that explores the world, and deals with manifest reality, without recoiling to the limitations of the mind, without care as to what is possible and what is not. Rather than facing every day with dread, as we gratefully tend to our lives with high energy, we can wake up content that the sun is rising. The world and its sorrows can easily hide the natural radiance of our inner spirit. But nothing can hurt the universal Child within. If we heed the guidance of this reading, that naturally brave spirit shall be our prize.