10 of Swords Reversed: Forgiving the Arrows of the Past

10 of Swords Reversed. Can you forgive yourself for the arrows of the past? For every year that has passed, you bear a different knife that still stabs you on the back. You may feel like you ruined your future because of the mistakes of another time.  There would be hope if it weren’t for this and that decision, you may think to yourself. Think not these things. These bridges between past and future are but constructs, my dear. Many of them are imagined. The reality is much more free. The ropes that tie you up–they come undone under the moonlight of true vision. Now is the time to remove the barbs entrenched in your spine. Today is the day to claim your freedom. No more self chastising, no more guilt, no more remorse, no more knives that pierce the heart. The future is free to be itself, now unmoored from the actions of before. You too are free, dear. Free to dream without looking back. Free to be without holding back. The wounds may sting still, but forgiveness is your balm.