At Peace with Non-Closures. A Reading for Humanity!

Not everything in life will come to a closure, at least not anytime soon. Some issues or dreams stay pending for many years. Some are forgotten before they even really “conclude.” In today’s reading, Death Reversed asks us: are we alright with the non-closures of life? Can we be completely at peace with the non-endings, the lingering questions, the unfinished chapters that remain open? This is particularly true for non-closures that depend on deep, years-long soul-work. Can we be available for this spiritual work while being present for its related realities in our lives?

The Wheel of Fortune is also here for us. I recently had a breakthrough with this card. Its invitation is not only about being ok with the monumental turns of the wheel, with the turning points that take us on a different direction without our seeming input. No, the Wheel is also a call to completely surrender our future to the hands of the Divine. “Whatever my future may hold, whichever way things may go, I consent to that.” Through this acknowledgement, we are harmonizing our awareness with the way things actually are. We are matching up our will with the cosmic events that, regardless of our consent, are fated to unfold.

Combined, Death Reversed and Wheel of Fortune have us surrender completely to the non-closures, and finding ultimate joy in exactly what is here, right now, whether our situation is new, or whether it has been lingering on for years, despite our diligent efforts. Who knows—perhaps this sweet surrender is the key to close the chapter. We won’t know until we assent and continue reading this book that seems to be so very long.