A Time of Collective Reassessment. A Reading for Humanity!

I think many of us are feeling it: the vibes are really off. Things seem confusing. We don’t want to give up on our hard work, yet the path forward does not seem light or clear. We’re sitting here in the middle of this stagnant energy. Of course, everything comes from Spirit. So how can we be present for the foggy yet necessary medicine that is making itself known to us? I pulled a message for myself and for the collective using @rootlocktarot’s Reassessment Spread.

  1. Why do we need to reassess? Death. We need to reassess because this is a deeply transformative, transitional, threshold moment. This is the halfway through the end of the year. The burst of Spring has matured into the stable heat of summer. The situation in the world doesn’t seem to be getting any better… it’s been a constant onslaught of restrictions and truly depressing circumstances. What we at first thought would be a good opportunity to do inner work and focus on ourselves and on our homes, is turning out to be a much longer process than we thought. So, we reassess our motivations, and this is the time to rethink our long-term vision of how we will be present for what’s here and what’s to come.
  2. What are we not yet seeing? 9 of Pentacles. We are not yet seeing how resilient and powerful we really are. We have not yet come to terms with the fullness of our personal glories. Hidden underneath the veils of flesh and mind, we are the Everything, we are strong, able to face anything that may come our way. 9 of Pentacles is a point near the culmination of something being build in the earth sphere. Our current efforts will crystallize into such amazing results, but we don’t see that yet. The clouds are covering the peak for which we are headed.
  3. How do we move forward with new confidence? The Hermit. We hold to the earth beneath our feet and restore ourselves. The Hermit is ruled by Virgo, which has an incredibly healing, earthy energy. We find grounding in what we can do, introspectively and inward-drawing, and wait for the storm to pass. We do our personal work. I have a strong intuition that for many of us, that will be chilling out from taking on any new things, or from engaging in high levels of creative work. This is a time to meditate, to be, to receive guidance, to wait. This is a time to heal and build up our strength. A time to absorb the heat and the stillness of the midday. If we try to take strong action that is not in alignment with our need for restoration, we will be left anxious, confused, out of whack. I am certainly feeling that. Let’s give ourselves permission to just be. Our incarnation is so precious, but it doesn’t just involve doing and working. It involves witnessing the moment and allowing the Now to be.

As we reassess as a collective, we witness the deep transformations that are taking place under the surface, we connect with the radiance of our human incarnation, and we restore. We wait. We let whatever will be, be.