6 of Wands: Riding the Wave of Creation

6 of Wands brings the flowing, harmonious energy of number 6 to the striving, victorious vibration of the Wands suit. In the Smith Waite depiction, this card shows a jubilant rider and horse. This symbolism is important, because it refers to riding the wave of our past and current efforts, and tapping into the momentum of our passion and creativity. Number 6 is the wave, and the fire element of the Wands is our spirit and its sacred drives.

This harmony in the engagement of our efforts does not come from a forceful attitude, but from recognizing all the work that we have done and being grateful to ourselves and for the path we toiled so far. 6 of Wands indicates recognition and victory. This recognition is often public, as others celebrate and recognize our accomplishments; but it truly starts within as we acknowledge ourselves, however far we’ve come.

This state of gratitude, self recognition, and connection to our inner fire places us “in the zone”: those flowy moments when focus meets surrender and motivation meets release. 6 comes after number 5, which is a digit of contraction and conflict. After the inner knots and conflicts that were released with 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands feels much lighter and more free in comparison. Things are flowing again. The journey isn’t over… it won’t be until we reach 10 of Wands, only to start again. But, this is a restful mile on the road, where our momentum so far help carry us along the way.

Number 6 contains within itself two number 3s (3+3=6). 3 is a digit of expansion and growth, and 3 of Wands means expansion of our horizons and growth in the use of our creative power. Accordingly, with 6 of Wands we “step up” to a higher level in our expansion journey. It’s double the expansion energy! But it is not chaotic. This is harmonious growth. After all, 6 also contains number 2 energy (2×3=6). Number 2 is balance and equanimity as we continue with our expansion.

6 of Wands is loving ourselves and loving our journey so far. 6 of Wands is finding recognition and pleasure in our practice. 6 of Wands is taking a moment to look back at everything we have blessed the world with, and at the amazing work we have done, and taking a moment to appreciate that our past efforts have begun a flow of creation in our lives, a flow which we can ride today.

There is so much more to our journey, and with 7 of Wands, there may be more advanced hurdles and heightened challenges along the way. That’s ok, we are more evolved now, and we can take up more. But for now, we celebrate! We stay in the flow, and while remaining engaged, we let go and let Spirit help carry us on.