Page of Pentacles: When Dreams Begin to Come True

The Page of Pentacles is our inner child that plays and finds delight in the luscious garden of material reality. What differentiates this one from the other Pages is that the Page of Pentacles is touching the earth. All Pages are ruled by the Earth element, so the Page of Pentacles is Earth of Earth. So, it represents an important portal onto realization and manifestation. It is at once the dirt and the sprout. It is a dream in the earliest stages of taking form. Page of Pentacles is our playful embodiment of early forms and shapes. Whereas the Page of Wands may stay distracted by the excitement of its dreams; the Page of Swords may focus on thinking and speaking of its desires; and the Page of Cups may be held at the dreamy nature of its discoveries; the Page of Pentacles takes the dirt and creates the shapes received through inspiration. Like a child creating sandcastles at the beach, this Page not only envisions its creations, it begins to alter the material plane to give them reality. These interactions with the physical world may be tentative—we may have to go back to the drawing board, and our actions may feel unsure. That’s O.K., certainty is not the focus of the stage that the Page represents. What matters is the joy of new beginnings, of trying new things even if they do not “go anywhere”. From this stage of potentially, great things may after all come.

We embody the Page of Pentacles as we delight in a new budding path for our lives; when we are first energized about a new skill, hobby, monetary opportunity or even a new line of work. We give shape to its energy as we embark in a new journey of health and wellbeing. We express its blessings as we extend the greatest gratitude to the Universe by giving us ideas and dreams that we can begin to materialize, right here and right now. This Page stands for our dreams, that through our actions and consent, are just beginning to come true.