Knight of Pentacles: Air That Moves the Earth

If anyone knows how to move gracefully in the earth plane, that is the Knight of Pentacles. The “Princes” of the tarot correspond with the Air element. Knight of Pentacles is Air of Earth. It makes me think of the earthen structures that are shaped by wind. Have you ever seen those rocks that are carved into incredible shapes by nothing but sand as it is moved by the air? Those landforms and the wind that gives them form remind me of Knight of Pentacles energy. They take time to form, based on a combination of moving air and earth. When we embody Knight of Pentacles, we are in for the long run. This Knight may not have the impetus of the airy Knight of Swords (Air of Air), or the impulse of the Knight of Wands (Air of Fire). But, given enough time, the Knight of Pentacles is much more likely to get the job done.

Knight of Pentacles is learned action. Through this energy, we study our journey before we embark in it. We create a roadmap of our life as we travel through its territory. The “Air” in this Knight is its studiousness and knowledge. The “Earth” is its method, its grounded behavior, its objectivity, and powerful goal setting. When Spirit wants to get some mission accomplish in this plane, It raises the Knight of Pentacles in us. When we embrace its power, we are helping move mountains.

When the Knight appears for us, we are being asked to engage with life in a particular way: through grounded movement. We think and plan before we act. We set out a plan and follow through. We commandeer all aspects of our being and give ourselves plenty of time to enact our personal propositions. The Knight of Pentacles says that our service can go a long way if we take it one day at a time, if we don’t rush things that are too big to be accomplished in one day, if we take gratitude for today’s work, which although seemingly small, will add up to something great. “Be like the wind and as the sand,” says this Knight. “Chip away at your dreams one task at a time. But give it your all. Ground yourself in dedication and service. Before you know it, you will have a phenomenal wind-swept statute to show.”