Tarot Numerology Spread: the Foundations of Four

spread tarot number four numerology emperor

This spread is a practice material for my Numerology of Tarot self-guided course, now on Patreon.

Number 4 in the tarot is the number of The Emperor, of the 4 of Swords, and also, by reduction, of Death and The Fool. It manifests in the tarot in terms of stability, order, power and rest. This spread connects us to four of the main dimensions of Number 4, helping us rethink and construct good, solid foundations for the time we are going through. Each of the positions refers to one dimension of Four. The dimension of Structure connects us greatly to The Emperor and its structuring abilities in our lives. The dimension of Power connects us, among others, to The Fool and its power of impulse; Death and its transitional power; and The Emperor and our personal power. The dimension of Stability rings strongly with The Emperor, the 4 of Wands and 4 of Pentacles, and their great stabilizing power. The healing dimension of Pause is brought by the energies of the 4 of Swords and the Death card.

Instructions: shuffle your deck while meditating upon Four’s dimensions and draw four cards as shown below. Each position could tell you:

  • An area of life in which the dimension is manifesting for you;
  • An area of your own being in which this dimension is coming through;
  • An endeavor or project that is being affected by that dimensions’ energies;
  • Something in your past or a concern about the future that are being influenced by that dimension
  • Whatever else you intuit!

To access the learning materials for Number 4, as well as for the other numbers preceding it, check out my Numerology of Tarot course.