Basic Goodness: The Original Spectacle

On the path of awakening and liberation, there is much more to undo than to actually do. Rather than striving for this spiritual achievement or that, we are uncovering our original face. In this journey, we are rediscovering ourselves as the innocent soul–blameless, bright, and radiant. Over the course of our lifetimes, there is so much that covers up that original innocence. Just by way of being born and growing in this world, and by undergoing experiences—good or bad—we accumulate shadows. We develop karmic tendencies that at one point seem to take over our every action, always returning us to the same cycles of unaligned action, as we circle back to a restless, guilty, clouded heart. Our practice is to undo that. Lately, I have been sitting with the idea of “basic goodness.” This is the fundamental innocence and clarity that lies at the core of who we are, unblemished by phenomena and experiences. This is our Buddha nature. This is the Christ consciousness. It is at once so simple, yet impossible to grasp with our customary methods of understanding. We won’t arrive There by thinking, by doing, by talking, by consuming, nor by purchasing. Our basic goodness lies quietly at the core, so deep that it dissolves into the boundaries between our individual selves and everything else there is. To hear its whispers, absolute silence is required. To catch a glimpse of its radiance, the eyes must be turned within. As thoughts and feelings come and go like clouds in the sky, and as the senses acquiesce in contemplation and meditation, the light of our basic goodness starts to emerge. It is humble yet rumbles with energy. The ticket to this spectacle is your simple breath. The way there is through your open attention and your assigned seat is your own body. No purchases are necessary to behold the radiant peace that your nature truly is.