A New Chapter for 2021

Today feels like a major closure to me, as different aspects of life converge and are being concluded or paused for now. There is lightness in the air. This year took a major push but it all makes more sense now. Plus, there is the sweet aroma of rest and healing up ahead. But just as this chapter ends, a new one beings. The Ace of Cups as the Major Lesson for the period ahead states that I—and you, if you are in a similar path—will be undergoing deep teachings in opening the heart, in trusting the flow of the universe, of being emotionally ready and available for the evolutionary work there is to be done. We will be channeling from the heart, feeling inspired by what’s arising, and jubilant for our creations. In other words, this is a major phase of creativity that wells up from the seat of the heart.

Before we get there, however, The Hermit as the Embodiment asks that we sit in solitary contemplation for a while, doing our work alone if need be, engaging with a little bit of holy secrecy, with sacred silence. Some things are most impactful when they arrive unannounced. Parts of this process may be only yours and Spirit’s to hear. The Hermit, bearing number 9, says that this will be a push up and towards a hill. Up on that mountain, there is a sacred abiding, there is wisdom, and joyful seclusion. And, very importantly, from there we will take in the full horizon of our new possibilities.

The Release card is 5 of Swords Reversed. It may be time to let go of the mental barriers as this period of contraction comes to an end. For love and creativity to flow, we are being asked to surrender the conflicts in our creative process; to offer up our uncertainties and contractive feelings to the Divine knowing that they will be transmuted into openness and flowing waters once again. 5 of Swords can be a healing contraction but it can feel suffocating when the soul decides it is time to grow. Today, this reversal invites us into alignment with the drive to expand once again. We have many souls to touch, we have many hearts to help heal, we have a whole world to embrace. It’s time to get up. The portal is opening. The door is wide open, and a gentle voice calls on you to come in. A new chapter of life, full of bright creations and relationships, is about to begin.