The Conjunction + Solstice Spread

🌞 🪐 For this potent and important day in which not only do we have a Winter Solstice but also a rare conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, this morning I commenced the day in contemplation and ritual. I created a little spread for myself, and I felt in my heart to share it with y’all. I’m taking a break from computers so forgive the simple sketch. I hope this spread, that aims to condense the energies of the solstice, of Jupiter, of Saturn and of Aquarius, serves you well. May the merit of this work be a blessing to all beings.

Simply pull a card for each position until you have four. Each card connects you to a vibration. Bring them together in writing and in your heart.

  1. Jupiter is your expansion and growth. It is where you find your joy and vibrancy. The card that you draw here will bring you invitations in this arena for the year ahead and maybe even for the rest of your incarnation!
  2. Similarly, Saturn is where you are being called to step up with a sense of sacred service and responsibility. Where are you being called to mature onto the next level of your evolution?
  3. The meeting plane: Aquarius. Where in life are your expansion and maturation meeting up? How are these energies coming together, particularly as far as Humanity is concerned? How can you bring it all together while being connected to all sentient beings?
  4. The solstice is your new beginning. What is your master intention? Sit with it for a long while just like the sun “sits” in place for a day or two.