3 of Wands: Ready to Fly

I honor and welcome this period of expansion that I find myself in. The other day, as I was driving back home, I saw a balloon emerge, far in the desert: blue with a horizontal reflective stripe that made it partially disappear into the sky. The next morning, the 3 of Wands appeared just at the right time. This card appears as we are ready to exert our energies outward as creation and liberation. Particularly after an extended period of healing, contraction, and spirit searching; this card shows up when our inner fire is hot enough to make our entire being rise. Of course, there is sacredness here, too. 3 is the number of the sacred trinities of the spiritualities of the world. This expansion comes particularly strong when fueled by devotion, service, passion and dedication. When influenced by this card’s energies, the path of least resistance may be to soar, to give, to create, to bring wonderful things into existence. It may feel rather challenging to stay put. What can I do but say yes to what is arising? To the creative spirit that awakens within, I bow and say, “How may I be of service?” And then I watch and see myself fly.