Two of Cups: Leaning into Our Connections as a Way Back to Center

The Two of Cups is a gentle invitation, a whisper from the Divine, calling on us to lean into our connections as a basis for balance, harmony, and stability in our lives, no matter what we may be going through. The nature of these connections is manifold, and may manifest in our lives in a variety of ways, depending on what the day brings. Knowing that our emotions and our heart color our reality immensely; and knowing that the Number 2 relates to duality, connection, balance and harmony; the Two of Cups shows us the way to balancing out the weight of our emotions with the power of our connections and relationships.

In a way, the Two of Cups is a loving formula that we can use to bring ourselves back to center. This number-2 related card is sort of like a scale. One one hand, there is the overwhelming reality of our emotional makeup, our feelings about a situation, and the depth of our subconscious awareness regarding any given issue. The Two of Cups invites us back to balance by placing a connection on the other plate of this intimate scale.

When we are feeling the weight of the world, and when we are neck-deep in the emotional realities of the heart, what connection may we lean into to bring ourselves back into harmony? One of the possible connections that the Two of Cups may be alluding to is our relationships. If this card appears for you, it may be nudging you towards finding strength and stability by leaning into your relationships. Perhaps this is a day in which you would do well in resting your head on the shoulders of your lover. Maybe today is the day to call upon a friend or family member to give you loving support. The Two of Cups may remind you of the power of the love you receive from others in your life.

Another connection that can be placed in the scale of our inner balance is the connection to our own divine Self. The Two of Cups speaks of the power of self-communication, self-help and self-support. It this a day in which can bring ourselves to harmony by practicing unconditional self-love, caring and nourishing our own beings? The antidote to fear is love.

Even more deeply, Two of Cups invokes the greatest center of all: our soul connection to the very Universe. After all, this card is often associated with intuitive knowing. Tapped into the Cosmos, our earthly self gives way to our Cosmic Self. From this realized place of true depth, few things, If any, can rock our boats. We place our fears in a universal context and realize that there is nothing really to fear. We contextualize today’s emotions with the eternal dance of the universe and realize the infinitesimal smallness of the feelings that may be assailing our day.

The Two of Cups, like the other twos in the Tarot, including the minors, Justice and the High Priestess, helps us come back to center, particularly as far as our emotions, subconscious reality, and connections are involved. When we assent to its invitation, we take in an expensive view of ourselves and our relationships. Blessed by this panoramic awareness, our vision becomes wise, and our heart becomes still. When the fear takes hold, the Two of Cups brings the healing counterweight of love.