Dragonfly, Spirit and Impermanence

Dragonflies are messengers of the spiritual realm. They connect us with Spirit, with the souls that are beyond the earth realm, and with impermanence itself. When my grandma passed a couple of years ago, in late May, is when the backyard is our old house would be filled with these large crimson or blue dragonflies. I saw them as a hello from the Beyond. Here in the new place there is no standing water and I don’t see dragonflies. After being sad about that for a second, I opened my phone and this picture appeared as a memory from a year ago. Interestingly, I am contemplating another passing, as my doggie Sammy was diagnosed with cancer and may not have much longer to live. Deep in the throes of change, we are. I am reminded to remain steadfast in my connection to spirit. Spirit is the only river that is constant. Everything else changes and is passed by.