The Portal to Decentering

I have practiced enough of “centering” myself. But lately I have been practicing de-centering, and have learned that both are important practices that connect me with two sides of the same metaphysical coin. You see, when we center ourselves, we may still be very much immersed in the self as a separate entity. But what if I touched the center not within my own self, but instead communed with the center of life and the universe themselves? After all, the whole of existence does not revolve around this amalgamation of forces that is called “me.” Instead, the axis of reality is wholly transpersonal, universal, cosmic. Centering within myself is certainly cozy but fundamentally threatening. This self could transition into a different form, or into nothingness even, at any point. So instead we can let ourselves unravel. We can let the mesh of desire, fears, thoughts and feelings come undone. We can completely lose ourselves and in this journey of unraveling, find our true center. This true center is outside of ourselves. The way to find it is by going within, but once you go far enough the “within” disappears and there is only without. The portal is inside us, but it leads to a place that is not limited to the boundaries of the self, being instead everywhere and nowhere at once. So, yes, I am practicing a great decentering. The egoic parts of me will feel very lost. But the transpersonal, cosmic, subtle aspects of myself will have finally been found.