2 of Swords: at Peace with Our Choices

The Two of Swords, among other wonderful meanings, Invites us to find comfort in doing the right thing and making aligned choices for our lives even if that path presents difficulties, and even if we must make choices that scare us. Often in life, particularly when faced with challenging situations, we must choose a path that is filled with uncertainty. In these scenarios, no choice is an easy choice. However, if we do nothing, we may remain in the same type of conundrum for a long time, and even years. At times line this, when we take tepid, shaky steps towards a destination that may present us with fear of the great Unknown, at the very least we can take comfort in knowing that we have taken action towards ultimate resolution. It’s better to take an uncertain path than to remain stuck in the no-path. It’s wiser to move forward then not to move at all.

The Two of Swords, containing the number Two, naturally speaks of duality and choice. All Two’s in tarot relate to choice. In the Swords suit of the mind, intellect, and mental suffering; this choice-making process is greatly impacted by our thought, mental paradigms, and by our future-casting and fears. Two of Swords guides us towards finding the inner peace in knowing that, despite the unknowns of the journey ahead, we have made a choice towards moving on. This card brings us to a place of clarity and harmony, trusting that the option we have taken is the correct one simply because it will take us somewhere, when our inertia so far would have caused us to go nowhere.

In times of great indecision, and fear of the unknown, the Two of Swords helps us find peace amid groundlessness. We may not have firm ground underneath our feet, but we can trust that the waters will take us to the new chapter of our lives. This card speaks of calm within strong currents. We trust the process, and trust our choices, until we reach a quiet shore.