The Moon and Ace of Wands: a Torch for the Darkness

The Moon and the Ace of Wands are quite a curious combination, but a potent one nonetheless. The Moon, on one hand, possesses mysterious, shifting, and soft energies; and the Ace of Wands on the other hand is like a blazing torch of passion and pure spirit. Together, what do they represent? Well, consider that The Moon often invites us to keep following our path, even through the darkness; and to brave the inner world of our fears, particularly as they refer to a great Unknown in our journey. The Moon represents a great liberation of our subconscious self, nudging us on through cloudy periods as we face inner monsters and ghosts until our night vision clicks in and we become more comfortable with navigating through the night. The Ace of Wands, in that sense, is a torch that, from the outset of this dark patch of life, will keep us warm and encouraged.

The Ace of Wands in this context could manifest in our lives as a new-found impetus that propels us into unknown, uncharted territory.  An inspired idea, a sexual impulse, or a newly emerging sense of effort may be taking us over. We are drunk with a drive to embark in a new direction; or with renewed fire towards an old path. The Ace of Wands is the very Spirit of all life lighting our hearts with a highly-energized impulse. But, as we look ahead, we see nothing. The road before us is pitch-black. Nothing is certain. Success seems unlikely. Failure lurks behind the shadows, alongside great discomfort and the facing of that which we fear. The creepy sounds of critters and imagined monsters abound in the distance. The Moon awaits.

Still, we cannot deny we are emblazoned with new fire. We feel helpless to resist the powerful impetus our soul has been given. The ideas, impulses, passion and new effort that the Ace of Wands represents will serve as our protection and as our light. When we find ourselves surrounded by the fearful and by the Unknown, we look to this light and march on.  Energized by this sacred directive, we keep the path with determination.

When The Moon and the Ace of Wands appear together in a reading, we may be called to proceed despite the uncertainties. After all, some of the sweetest prizes come to those who persevere against all odds. Particularly if your inspiration feels divine, holy, and aligned, you are encouraged to pack your things and let yourself by engulfed by the dark of the night. Regardless of the outcome, during these Moon periods, some of our greatest growth occurs. The ego may indeed greatly suffer. But, the soul will shine like the fiery torch that it holds. There are no personal guarantees. However, good things often come to those who wait.