The Judgement Card: Transcendental Glory

I am feeling inspired and in awe at the description and message on the Judgement card written by my fellow lunar Geminian, Charlie Claire Burgess (The Word Witch), in the companion book to their touching deck, the Fifth Spirit Tarot. Besides going into the historical and symbolic background of this card, the word that struck me the most in their description was Transcend. In that, in the Judgement card we take in all of our history and our past, and as we arrive at the cross-roads of a new personal revelation—a deeper understanding of ourselves—and we surrender to this great urge to transcend. Through this energy, not only do we transcend and go beyond ourselves as individuals, but become highly aware of our collective rebirth as well. The Judgment card, which in traditional depictions shows several individuals being awakened to Glory, is a radically collective card. I feel the pull and the call of not only my own soul, but of the souls of my siblings, sisters and brothers in this precious human incarnation. Warmed and brightened by this idea, I feel at rest knowing that not only do I have my personal field of intention to carry me through my own journey of transcendence; but that can also ride in the spiritual wake of humankind itself.

The idea of Transcendence is so deliciously mystical, elevated, deep as an ocean gorge, liberating and exhilarating. Here, we transcend not only our individual limitations, past pain and trauma, beliefs and dogma. In fact, we transcend our very existence as a separate entity. Here, we as individuals merge back into pure Being like we were as babies, into the face we had before our parents were born—undifferentiated from the ocean of spirit. Then, we re-emerge as awakened individuations of the Divine: aware of their Oneness yet completely capable of expressing our individual selves.

Collectively, we transcend as well. We plunge back into nature, we rewild ourselves, we return to our pre-civilization slumber. Then, the trumpet of the evolutionary impulse awakens us back as human beings that are aware of their unity with the natural universe, yet mindful of the preciousness of their shared human incarnation, with an eye towards greater complexity that is in harmony with our earth and its surroundings.

There is a Great Urge that the Judgement card refers to. This Great Urge is common to us all. We ride this wave both as individuals and as a whole. The shore on the other side is transcendental. It is Beyond but at the same time very much Here. It joins Heaven and Earth. It is the New Jerusalem on this earth plane. It is at once beast and angel. It is fully human, fully divine, awakened, unified, integrated, healed, and filled with fresh impulses that our minds can only dream of.  The Judgement card sings the song of the dreams of the Divine. It is our deepest call to sing along.