The World: Closures, Completions and the Realization of Wholeness

The World card announces a period of completion, a time of fulfillment, and an era of developing mastery. Influenced by Saturnian energies, as it is ruled by Saturn, The World speaks of a time that may feel somewhat heavy but that ultimately brings liberation. Through the energies of this card, the four corners of our lives come together as a unified masterpiece.

This may not be a period of new beginnings, of putting forth new ideas, or of setting out towards fresh endeavors. Instead, The World has us looking at out incomplete, unfinished, and pending items and projects, with an invitation to bring them to completion. Spiritually, The World beckons us to practice master-level presence towards the current state of lives and of our affairs, exactly where they happen to be, and no matter how messy they may seem. From this place of deep presence, we may let go of any stale endeavors and set out to fulfill those which are still in alignment with our callings.

The World also hints at mindful detachment from our reality, and calls on us to be able to embody our inherent wholeness regardless of the status of any of life’s many journeys. Periods ruled by this card are opportunities to practice feeling fulfilled and complete without the need for exterior validation. Here, we can connect with the inherent completeness of the whole world and all of its inhabitants, and realize that we are but a strand in the great tapestry of existence. All is well already—all is well and complete.

As an outcome card, The World hints at success and completion of any endeavors that may be asked about. Victory may not come easily, however, as great effort may need to be expanded to bring together several aspects of the Self, with discipline but also release, in the execution of something great. It may also announce a period of satisfaction and self-empowerment, in which one’s energies are focused towards the realization of one’s own complete, fulfilled nature.

The World brings lessons in maturity and fulfillment. It aids us in awakening to the completeness and perfection of the cosmos—and to our natural place in it. Being at the very end of the cycle of The Majors, it guides us towards bringing Everything together. This is a sacred period of closure, radical mindfulness, and personal evolution and liberation. We are stepping up as awakened beings. And as we do, the whole world steps up with us.